Our services and products

Auditeers has a broad range of services and products with the same goal: Activating and engaging (potential) customers for our clients.

Online products and tools

We build a tool, product or service that answers a need for your potential clients.

Ad buying

We buy social and display ads using our own data, ad-servers, and algorithms.

Data collection

We turn analytics upside-down by focussing on the user instead of a webpage or shop and unify data whenever possible.

Result driven

We focus on results and usually work according to a CPA, CPS or CPL model.

We know the brands we promote.

Before promoting a brand or service we want to see it through the eyes of a customer. Most probably we will make use of the brand ourselves before promoting it. Doing this we can identify the best moments in the decision process (or customer journey) to activate the user.

We know the geo's we promote.

We are active in geo's we are familiar with. Every country or even city has its own characteristics we can use in our marketing. To expand our knowledge of other locations we travel a lot, visit meetups and speak with local decision makers and influencers.

We team up with quality partners.

A Team is only as Strong as its Weakest Player. That's why Auditeers teamed up with a limited amount of networks that are known for their quality and service by both, affiliates and advertisers. We are proud to have great relationships with affiliate managers. This creates a frictionless environment to get things done, together.

We are development and data focussed.

We originally are a web development company creating products for clients. This is still in the DNA of our organization. We love creating products that solve problems and solutions are measurable with data. We test and continuously iterate to a better product. Those products are made in-house and therefore have minimum dependencies. This makes Auditeers a fast moving agile company.

Articles by Auditeers

Online marketing, development and technology.
Inspiriors.com 3D home planner update

Inspiriors.com 3D home planner update

In May 2018 Auditeers build a 3D home planner on inspiriors.com. An easy tool to build our (future) home in 3d and place a set of objects in it. Inspiriors has been able to grow to a platform for Interior inspiration for the Dutch-speaking market.
Unifying your customer data is the only way to know your customer

Unifying your customer data is the only way to know your customer

During the customer journey, we often fail to collect information that helps us giving that user a better experience. Sometimes we do collect the information but fail to connect the data to make good use of it. To ensure the best customer journey and user experience (and thus drive sales and conversions) we need to unify all possible data.
Our holiday park concepts

Our holiday park concepts

Auditeers want to be one of the top authorities of information about holiday parks in the Netherlands and Belgium. With 2 new concepts, we start this journey.